Face to face Guidelines

Guidelines for meeting face-to-face 

  • Patients must wait in their cars until you let them know they can enter the building.
  • Please confirm with your client by text if they have any Covid symptoms and inform them that, if possible, you will be taking their temperature ( if possible hand held thermometers should be provided by the therapist they can be purchased for approximately £30 from Amazon/Argos/Boots or similar.)
  • PPE. It is the responsibility of the therapist to discuss appropriate PPE with their client. The guidelines are that you sit 2 metres or more apart in a room that has adequate ventilation. Face masks can be worn, or visors but these must be provided by the therapist and, in the case of visors, cleaned by the therapist. It is strongly suggested that face masks are worn as the therapist and client come into the building and room and leave.
  • It is the therapist’s responsibility to ‘clean into’ the room on their arrival and ‘clean out’ of the room on their departure. Instructions on how to effectively do this will be available in the room. This doubly ensures good sanitation.
  • It is the therapist’s responsibility to clean the room between sessions.
  • The therapist will open the front door just before the session starts. The client will walk through the open front door, use the hand sanitizer (or wash their hands) and make their way through the open therapy room door to their room. The therapist will close the front door and wipe the handle with a sanitising hand wipe. (If possible, the therapists should provide their own supply of sanitising wipes as they will be needed for various tasks but they will also be available on the receptionists desk in the clinic).
  • The therapist will close the therapy room door and, begin therapy.
  • At the end of therapy, the therapist will open the door and then open the front door. The client will leave (using the hand sanitizer as they pass it). The therapist will close the front door and wipe the handle. The therapist will then prepare for the next client, or to leave.
  • If you or your client uses the toilet then it should be cleaned by the therapist following use. Instructions on how to do this effectively will be in the toilet.
  • Please remember that handwashing with soap and water is still the most effective method of cleaning your hands before, between and after clients.
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